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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome Stella Joy!

Well it FINALLY happened! :) Kira gave birth to Stella in record time tonight! She went to the hospital at about 7:45 and Stella made her appearance at 8:40! So Kira had no medicine and Im sure she just loved that ;)
She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 21 1/2 inches long-same as Emma but they look nothing alike :)
Born at 8:40 on 11-29-09 on her due date! So here are a few hurried pictures we took in labor and delivery!
P.S. My computer has decided that it doesnt want to upload any more pictures so I will add more tomorrow :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goodbye Grandma Bobbie

So I know this isnt the best picture but its the only one I have of grandma Bobbie.
On November 9th, my mom, Koree, and Bobbie were driving back from SLC after Koree's doctor apointment. About 8 at night they pulled into my moms driveway and my mom unloaded all her things. They went back outside and grandma was in her seat, seatbelt on, and was saying her goodbyes. That was the last time anyone spoke to her. About 5 minutes after my family went back inside my parents could see cops outside-they opened the door and realized Bobbie was still there. She had for some reason gotten out of the car and was eventually ran over by her own van, she died on the way to the hospital.
It has been about a week now and things are getting better, but there is just such a mystery surrounding her death that just makes it hard to deal with. Did she forget something from the back of her van and forget to put it into park? Did she have a heart attack and tried to get out of the van out of habbit? What happened? Unfortunatley that answer only lies with heavenly father-I just pray that she wasn't in pain.
The picture above was at my shower on October 24 and is the latest I have. Bobbie loved to take pictures, not be in them-so we are trying to scrounge up good pictures of her.
I love you grandma Bobbie and you will be missed! <3

Here is a link to her story-

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Due date #1 come and gone...

Well it has been a full 9 months since we first found out we were unexpectedly expecting Barney baby #1 back in February. Our original due date was November 6th which was kind of a depressing day around here-although not many knew it.
Benjamin wanted to light a candle and so we did and he was super sweet and brought me home flowers and a card. We are so happy to be having this baby that we are now-just a little sad that we lost 2 to get to where we are, but we know the Lord has a plan and this is just what was in store for us! So with that we say "We love you baby" and count down until our due date! 9 more weeks!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The new swing & a sick Ben :(

We had been saving up to buy a baby swing for a while and after loads of research (which I do before I buy ANYTHING) I finally picked one. I was debating between a full size swing and a portable. I had wanted a full size but then heard the heavier the baby got the less effective it was at swinging. Well my brother Koree had this rocking chair with a kickstand that he used when he was eating or playing and my mom passed it on to my sister Kristen. While I was in Arizona, she used it daily and seemed to love it. Well i was looking around-and found that chair-on a swing! I was excited because after they are done with the swing (25 lbs) they can use it for a rocking chair until 40. Plus it was way cheaper and it had turtles on it (gender neutral and matches the nursery!) I am very happy with the purchase and the reviews! So here are some pictures!!

This is what I found when I opened the box :(

BUT I LOVE TURTLES! So im very happy with the seat!!

And here is the finished swing! The seat easily comes off and has handles that you can carry wherever! I think I love it just because of the turtles :)

And poor Benjamin had a migrane all day but I couldnt wait to assemble the swing-so Benjamin laid on the couch and watched. Poor guy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

One thing I like-and one thing I don't

First off I have come to LOVE this cocoa butter oil! The little sample of it was only $1.00 at Motherhood Maternity and because its oil it lasts so much longer!! My tummy has had issues being itchy and it feels good to have Benjamin "oil" my belly everynight. Plus it wakes up baby so Ben get to play with him for a bit! Best dollar spent!!!

This is my foot-about 10 minutes after taking of my crocs :( I had been wearing flip flops but the indents they leave in my feet are horrid-so i switched to my crocs thinking they would be more comfortable. Nope-I was wrong :( Guess we are moving to plan C when I find shoes that fit :( Poor puffy swollen feet!


Well Halloween has come and gone and as I have gotten older and have yet to have a baby-it just doesnt seem like that big of deal but Im glad I participated at least a little :) I LOVE the fall though! Pumpkins, straw, squash, the crisp cold air-I just adore it! So my mom was out of town so she asked me to take Koree trunk-or-treating with Emma and Kira. I got to Kira's house and Emma was going to be a witch. They had braided her hair and was going to take it out and let it me crazy!

So we got joey dressed up as spider man and they looked adorable together!

We went to Kira's ward trunk-or-treat and it was pretty much insanity! People everywhere and some older kid (maybe 10?) kept chasing Koree with a fake sword and of course scared him! This is a little preview of trunk-or-treat number 1 :)

Trunk or treat number 2 was much better! Plus Amber's parents were making scones-YUM! There was also donuts and hot chocolate! My idea of a good trunk-or-treat! Plus a lot more tame-take a look!

So over all Halloween was great! I went home and took a nap until Benjamin got home!! Only 3 more holidays before the baby is due! 79 days! CRAZY!!