Emmett Farid

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Its about time we found out! Its a..........


We are so excited we can hardly contain it! We had this ultrasound in SLC and it was such a great experience. Ben had to stay home due to a horrible migraine but we got the whole thing on video for him! She was being pretty stubborn but we got a few more good pictures!
One thing we know is she has tiny feet, the sonographer was commenting on how tiny they were! Other than that we have bought a few outfits and now have the joy of naming her :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ultrasound #3

Well so far this pregnancy is progressing with minor problems! Or minor to us. I went to for another appointment and found out that I have complete placenta previa-with a 2% chance for it to move. So...Im now considered high risk and I'm on modified bedrest until i deliver and get to plan for a C-section. My next ultrasound is in about 5 weeks ( to check the placenta) so benjamin and I are headed down to Salt Lake on Thursday for ultrasound #4 and to see the gender! We are really excited for it! So here is yet again, not a very good picture but it works :D I will also have a 3/4d ultrasound to check the placenta around 25-27 weeks! im pretty excited! looks like we will have lots of pictures of our new little baby :D