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Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Birthdays!

Well benjamins birthday was March 23 and mine is monday (April 20th) Since I am a little late posting here is a some pictures! For Bens birthday I got him some puzzles, a mat, some new shoes, and some cologne that smells SO GOOD!!!
Well he I think topped it for me! Here is some of what he got me!
A new fish (i wanted something after my second miscarriage) and so we named him gizmo--a special tank and everything :)
He got us a plant so that I always have flowers!
AND A REAL DIAMOND EARINGS! I wear diamond studs everyday and Im excited to have ones that wont fall apart :D
My mom also made me a watch! So here are some pictures of our birthdays :D

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome Home JOSH!!!!

So Benjamins brother came home off his mission last night after spending two years in Montreal, Canada speaking French! It was fun to hang out with the family and finally get to meet him, espically because the whole trip was wrapped up with a little side trip to Red Robin---YUMMM!!

Here are a few of the pictures!!