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Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in Rexburg this year. We started off with some wonderful sourdough pancakes from Morgen and Briger giving his "cheese" face while trying on Grandma's shoes. Then we headed down to the parade (I did walk there but wanted to die by the time we reached it-taking long walks down hills is something I will no longer do at 35 weeks pregnant!) Bridger wanted some candy from the parade so Joan kept an eye out. We gave him a piece of taffy to hold and when we looked over he had taken a bite out of it-while it was still in the wrapper! He got a few more pieces and just liked the idea of having the candy, but not eating it. Ben had to work early the next day so we lit off the few fireworks that we had outfront and Bridger was 1/2 entertained and 1/2 really nervous! But overall it was really fun even though we didnt watch a big show!

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Third haircut!

At 17 months we are at our third haircut. The curls make it super fluffy and its looks really messy most of the time. But a popsicle was the perfect distraction tool!

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First time at the splash park

A group in our ward has been trying to do weekly outings and one of them in June was to go to the Rexburg splash park. Bridger didn't know quite what to think and wouldn't walk around with out me so there is no pictures of him actually in it, and these are the only ones I have. He loved Brinda's stroller and would have stayed in there the whole time! He loved watching the merry go round and eating M&M's!

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See you in 2 years!

On the 25th we headed up to Rexburg for the night to listen to Ben's brother, Elijah, give his last talk in church before heading out to France for his mission. We had a great time and it was fun to spend that last little bit of time with him. Bridger is going to miss him loads and crazy to think he will be 3 1/2 by the time he gets home! Now we are just waiting for Ben's other brother, Sam, to come home from his mission. By then Emmett will be here and he will have left with one sister in-law and come home with 3 of them AND two nephews! :)
We roasted those HUGE marshmallows and had a great time! Josh tried to roast his on a wooden plank so that it was perfect. When Joan did hers it weighed down her stick and she almost lost her marshmallow. We also had banana boats compliments of Morgen!

Bridger loved riding around in this! But ONLY if it was Grandpa pushing him

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Kiras 30th Birthday!

We went down to Pocatello for a suprise party for my sister, Kira. It was really fun and we had dutch oven chicken and potatoes and yummy carmel apple crisp and peach cobbler. The kids got to play (although Bridger more enjoyed tossing rocks) and we enjoyed the sun until it started raining!

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I love watching him sleep!

At 17 months old he is sleeping like a champ in his toddler bed! The lights are off in the pictures but my flash is really bright! I always sneak in and watch him for a few minutes, its a great way to end my night!

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