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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20 week ultrasound

Well we are half way there! We are so excited!! It was confirmed yet again today that he is still a baby boy! All the measurements are good except we were told he is probably going to be short to start out with. We are OK with that :) His head was in the 94% for his age, his tummy in the 75% and his femur in the 12%. I also have more fluid than normal so they are bumping up my diabetes test a month just to rule it out and we didn't get all the pictures of his heart that we need so we have another ultrasound in a month. He had his legs in front of his face and his hands tucked in so we didn't get pictures of the hands and the feet, etc. This was the best we could do.
The first picture is showing he is a boy. The second is a profile, but his chin is to his chest so it didn't turn out fabulous.

This is showing his body and his legs are stretched in front of his face

This is the shot with him looking straight at us and the second is another gender confirmation.

This is a great shot showing his legs. They are stuck right out in front and over his head.
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What's in a name?

And he shall be called:


We are thrilled that we have found a name and it fits perfectly! I have loved the name Emmett for a long time so I was really leaning towards it, so our deal was that Benjamin got to pick the middle name. We have been wanting to use the middle name Lee but it didn't flow with Emmett. So Farid it is (after my father)!

So what does the name mean? Here you go!
Emmett is German. It means:

All-containing; universal; strength

Farid is Arabic (makes sense because my dad was born in Beirut, Lebanon.) It means:

exceptional, unequaled

We are just thrilled. We can't wait to meet you Emmett. We love you very much!

Playing Outside

This was Bridger's first real time playing outside since he learned to walk and this was the first week where there wasn't a ton of snow on the ground. He had a blast just walking around and exploring. It was a bit chilly but that didn't cut in on the fun! We then came in an enjoyed a nice fresh baked cherry pie (Ben's speciality) and cuddled. It was such a great day.

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16 weeks and gender reveal!!

At our 15 week check the sonographer told us what she thought the gender was, and so we really wanted to get it confirmed. We were able to go to SLC for a weekend and it was so great! We went to Babies' R Us, ate at a really great place called Q4U and even got to go swimming in our hotel! Best news of all though was we got to get the gender confirmed on our little one!!!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Barney baby BOY #2!

This is a 3d picture. He is looking to the left. You can see his ear, nose, etc!

This is also a 3d picture of his arm. Its shut in a fist and the arrow is pointing to his fingers.

This is the picture showing he is indeed a boy.

And another 3d. Facing the left with his hand in front of his face!
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15 weeks

Here is a not so great picture from our 15 week check. The face is not so fabulous but you can see the spine really well. The placenta previa is gone! So far, so good!
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Dinner time!!

Who doesn't love dinner? Bridger loves all sorts of food and dinner time is his favorite! Just a few pictures of eating away!

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Look at me go!

Bridger was offically a walker the day of his 1st birthday! As he was getting more and more steady I realized I hadn't taken any pictures for his baby book *gasp*!
So this is a little bit after his birthday while he is still "waddling."
We love you Bridger! Keep up the good work!

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