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Thursday, January 20, 2011

We love you little Baby B!

Well after a little concern by my midwife we had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and I do indeed have Placenta Previa again. I had the same thing with Bridger and it presented in the same way. So for now just easy on the lifting and be careful and hopefully it will move by 20 weeks so I can still proceed with our natural birth! The video was really cute and we got a few pictures. The baby is 2 inches long and had the hiccups. Its amazing what you can already see. The baby was opening and closing its hand and you could already see all the fingers. It was just having a great time! Here are a few pictures. We can't wait for you to join our family itty bitty baby B!

Korth's Farewell

Well the time has come! January 19, 2011 Korth Farid Rushdi entered the mission field. The Sunday before we had his farewell. His talk was fabulous and after church we had a lunch for everyone who came and it was great! The Bohlings traveled from Utah and lots of other family and friends. Its weird that he will be gone for two years, it hasn't hit yet but I think he will do great!
Bridger and Stella ate olives together and Bridger didn't know what to think. Plus I threw in a few pictures of my nieces because they are just plain adorable. Emma and Koree wouldn't let me take their picture!
We love you Elder Rushdi!

Bridger's First Birthday~take 2!

Since Koree was still in the hospital for Bridger's Birthday we decided to head down there the next weekend. It was a blast! We were able to celebrate Bridger's, Kristen's, and my mom's birthdays as well as Korth's farewell and my Dad's graduation! It was so fun and there were so many people there! My dad has the rest of the pictures so I will update when I get the rest!
Bridger got a book, some awesome out fits, and a cute snuggly puppy blanket that Koree has named Leo. I think it fits!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Bridger's First Birthday!

I still can't believe my baby is a year old! January 7th came by pretty fast this year and it was just wonderful. Benjamin worked so I woke up with Bridger and make him a B shaped pancake-his first one yet and he loved it! I put him in a new outfit I got him (he is now in 24 month clothes) and took a few pictures. That night we went to Red Robin with some bonus money from Ben's work for Christmas and they gave him little ears and sang to him and gave him ice cream. He ate all the whipped cream, but the ice cream was just too cold. The next day Ben's family came down and we opened presents. He got a few toys, clothes, and a toy box! Just what we needed. We then made cup cakes and although had a little trouble with them they still turned out cute. Teaches me not to procrastinate! He enjoyed his cupcake and of course got it everywhere, but we expected that!
Overall it was a wonderful birthday and we can't wait to make it down to Pocatello next weekend to celebrate it with my family along with the other January birthdays and having a farewell for Korth who leaves for Nashville on January 19th! Its getting so close.

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