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Saturday, February 27, 2010

4 weeks old!

He will be a month old on Feb 7th and getting so big! He was weighed this week and is now 8lbs 9oz and 21.5 inches long so growing so fast!! He also moved up a size in diapers-Im going to be sad when I have to start packing away the newborn clothes!!
He also started holding up his head this week and I caught one little half gas/smile thing on camera! It turned out pretty blurry but I cant wait until he starts smiling for real!!
Now hopefully I can start updating on him monthly instead of weekly!

Bridger 3 weeks old

Bridger is getting so bit and is starting to stay more awake and alert! He is seriously such a good baby! He is usually in bed at 11 PM and and wakes up once during the night to eat and gets up for the day about 7 or 8 (unless Im still sleepy then we both go back to bed when Ben leaves for school!) He tried on his first 0-3 outfit which is the first picture! Pretty big but hopefully it will fit soon! We got the outfit from Costco and I couldnt wait to see what he looked like in it!!
We also left him over night for the first time so Ben and I could get some sleep so we could drive to Rexburg for my friend Kayla's wedding and we picked him up from Grammys and drove up to the Rexburg temple and left him with Grandma Barney! While he was there he got two blisters on his mouth from his breastflow bottles so we had to switch but it was a fun little trip away!!

Bridger 2 weeks old

Bridger was weighed this week and went from 6lbs 12 oz at birth-to 6lbs 7oz at 1 week old to 7lbs 5oz at 2 weeks! We are so glad that he is growing and getting strong! He is already starting to change so much and has started sleeping anywhere between 4 and 6 hours straight at night!

Bridger after his first real bath-he loves them now!

He definatly got Ben's feet! <3

He loves spending time with Grandma Barney :D

and Ben loves having a son!

My sweet diaper bag!

My mom made my diaper bag and I'm in LOVE! I just thought Id share it with you! The nursing cover and wetone case matches as well but I haven't taken pictures of them yet! So here is a few pictures of the diaper bag


Newborn shoot and family pictures!

Lennie Hansen from LM photography took our family pictures and newborn photos of Bridger and they turned out really great! Im so happy that we had them done!! Bridger was a week old! There are so many more but I'll leave you with these!

Bridger 1 week old

I know Im a little behind but life with a new baby is hectic :D
Bridger got Jaundice pretty bad his first week home but I didnt get him in to be checked until he was 7 days (usually when it peaks) so he was pretty yellow until 2 or 3 weeks but he is doing soo good! He is slowly getting his nights and days in order which really helps because I do enjoy sleeping when its dark out! He loves having his feet rubbed and he LOVES to be swaddled! Which I am thankful fore-it really helps him sleep! Here are a few pictures-