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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Bridger Scott <3

Well my last post talked about how we were being induced, well after 3 doses of cytotec and 10 hours on pitocen-nothing happened. They got my blood pressure under control and sent us home. Well i went back for another dr. appt and my BP was 192/147! My doctor just about dropped dead-so he said go home and get Benjamin and get to labor and delivery NOW! This was on Jan 6th.
So we get to labor and delivery and get started right away on cytotec to help things along. 3 doses later and hardly any change, we almost decided to throw in the towel and do a c-section because it didnt seem like anything was happening!
Well they gave me ambien to sleep at 1 (i had made progress and was going to start the pit in the morning) and the doctor came in a 3 to "check" little did i know he broke my water-and they started the pit and it was INSTANT labor!! I was okay from about 3-6 AM(besides it being a cruel joke to have given me ambien and nubane) and at 6 called for the epidural and got it at 7! But 9:30 we were ready to go and the baby was born at 10:10 AM on 1/7/10. He weighed 6lbs 12oz and was 20 inches long.
We only had to stay in the hospital one day which was great and my BP is back down to normal! He has been a great baby (besides wanting to be held ALL night last night) and we are just so lucky to have him!
So here are some pictures and WELCOME HOME BRIDGER SCOTT!!