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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Love Pearl

This was a really awesome Christmas present that I wanted to share. Benjamin got it for me and I thought it was awesome. Inside there is an oyster that had been "impregnated" with something so it would produce a pearl. Then it came with a necklace and a tool to open the oyster. Then there was different things the different colors of pearls could have been but I think mine was love if I remember right. So here are the pictures of it.


We did Christmas in Rexburg this year and it was such a delight. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. We sang Christmas songs and watched christmas movies and everyone baked up a storm. My morning sickness was getting to me some of the days so I hung back while there was a Swedish feast going on in the Kitchen. Ben got me the new Donkey Kong for the Wii for Christmas and most of us played that a good majority of the weekend and it was a blast! They even had a REAL Christmas tree-my first one ever!
I got some stellar presents as well. My sweet mother in law and my sister in law pitched in and got me a bottle of Armani Code perfume. I wore it all the time (when I could afford it) while Ben and I were dating when I fell down the stairs and shattered my bottle. I haven't had it since but I'm LOVING it! I also got the Mayo Clinic book of home remedies (which I am stoked for) The Remarkable Soul of a Women, a total pillow from Ben and its awesome, a kniffy knitter, an emergency stove, a hat and apron, and a Love Pearl with other various odds and ends and it was all lovely and probably more than I deserve! Bridger could have cared less about his presents but he enjoyed playing with them once I opened them for him. He loved being with all the family and he loves all the attention and just eats it all up. I was sad to take him home. Ben still has another 8 days off work and within the next 2 weeks is New Years, our anniversary, and Bridger's first birthday! It is going to be crazy!!

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First Ultrasound!

On December 22, 2010 we had our first ultrasound and it was fabulous. I was only 7 weeks but already a fast beating heart and it is safe and snug in there. We are officially due August 10, 2011 (1 day before our big trip to oregon) so Im hoping the baby wants to come just a TINY bit early so we can still go! Im so blessed to have another life growing inside me and we are just so excited. Morning sickness is here but it hasn't been horrible. We switched to a midwife and hoping to go a natural route this time and I'm VERY excited!!
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Family Pictures 2010

Our family decided it was time for some family pictures before Korth left on his mission and this was the present for my mom and dad. The pictures were taken by Jerrica Parkin and she did a great job!

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Family gift exchange

On December 18, we decided to have our family pictures taken and to do our family gift exchange. I didn't take the best pictures but I haven't gotten the rest of them from my dad either. We gave Korth a set of ties and Kait a bunch of flag bags and we recieved some really cool scripture stickers from Korth. Bridger got some cloth letters to play with and I think he will love them! Over all it was just fun to hang out and be together. I cant believe it is almost christmas!!
Korth leaves for his mission to Nashville on January 19th and this is the shirt his girlfriend made for him. It was really fun!

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Going to church

After Ben and Bridger got ready for church this week I had to take a few pictures because they were just too darn cute! We got this church outfit from the Bishop in the ward we were in when we first got married. Hard to believe my 11 month old child is in 2T clothes. The last picture was at breakfast and he was eating a banana. I just threw it in because it was cute!

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Bridger is going to be a big brother!!

We are pleased to announce that Bridger is going to be a big brother in August of next year! We announced it to both of our families soon after Thanksgiving and were delighted that they took the news so well! We found the shirt Bridger is wearing at the mall and thought it would be a good way to announce it. So we put on the shirt and waited for the family to figure it out! It was great!
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We decided to spend this Thanksgiving in Pocatello this year so that we could spend Christmas with my in laws. It also happened to be my brother-in-laws birthday on the same day. Bridger had a blast! We decided to do it at a church house because there really wasn't enough room to have everyone together and it worked out great!! We all enjoyed the food and the time to spend together. It was freezing while we were there and we got a flat tire in the walmart parking lot the night before we were supposed to head out but we made it, and it was great!

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