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Monday, April 25, 2011


This is my handsome little man in his new Easter outfit! I cant believe how Grown up he looks!!
Koree wanted him and Bridger to have matching outfits so we found some at Shopko and they are too cute! Easter overall was fantastic. We drove down in the morning and went to church with my parents. Then went back to the house to set up for dinner. Then had an Easter egg hunt with all the cousins, ate a fabulous dinner, and then visited the rest of the night. We did fill Bridger a little easter basket from the dollar store and he got a kick out of it and LOVED finding the easter eggs.

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Baby Spring Fling

The Baby Spring Fling was hosted by the Idaho Babywearers this year and it was a blast. It was last Saturday, on the 23rd.
It started off with the Great Cloth Diaper Change that was a Guinness World Record setter with the most number of cloth diapers change simultaneously in the world! I was supposed to be the "Cloth Diaper Expert" but we were short a few people that we needed to help with the record (50) so I change and let someone else be the witness.
Bridger started out in a Bamboo Minky Kawaii in Ocean and was changed into a GroVia AIO in Owls (favorite diaper!!) He didn't want to be on the floor but he was a great sport.
Then we walked around to all the booths and purchased a bar of goats milk soap which Ben LOVES! Bridger then got over tired and fell asleep in the Ergo (our baby carrier that is fabulous) so we missed on the Easter Egg hunt and then we had to leave early. But boy was it fun!

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My Birthday

Well its official. I'm finally 23. Doesn't feel any different than 22 except for the fact I'm not loving getting older. I've decided I'm going to stay 23 for a while! It was a great day! Bridger learned to play the Wii with papa, I got some yummy food, and my awesome mother in-law, Joan, made me some YUMMY birthday cake!
I also have realized I will have been pregnant when I was 20, 21, 22, and 23. That has got to count for something, right? :p

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

24 week update

Today, which happened to also be my birthday (will be in a different post), was spent mainly at the doctors. I knew I was having my diabetes test today because of high amniotic fluid levels, an ultrasound to get a few more measurements of his heart, and my basic 24 week appointment. My mother came and entertained Bridger, which helped a lot. I drank my orange drink and waited for the ultrasound. Once the ultrasound had started she told me my fluid had gone up even more so than last time and she was sure that it was going to be diabetes. Emmett was super wiggly but his heart is looking great!

Then on to the midwife appointment. She also though based on my levels (known as polyhydramnios) she also thought for sure it was diabetes. So she measured my belly and we are measuring over 30 weeks (due to the fluid) and I gained a little weight, the first time the whole pregnancy) which she also blamed the amniotic fluid (and the fact I ate a big lunch for my birthday!)

So onto the blood draw. I went back to the waiting room awaiting my results, knowing that my levels needed to be under 140 for me to pass, and guess what-it was 88!!! I was sooo excited.
So the next worry is that Emmett has a blockage in his esophagus that means he can't swallow as much as he could. His whole GI tract will be scanned in 4 weeks so please, please pray that it is polyhydramnios due to unknown causes and that Emmett's insides are all working properly.

Until then its just waiting. I feel about 30 weeks pregnant but things are going great!! I'm so happy that my sugar levels came back great! And here are the pictures we got! Thanks for every ones support!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daniel and Lindsey's Wedding! 4/15/11

I can't believe the wedding is over and that we got to be a part of it. It was beautiful. I was able to attend the sealing in the morning while Benjamin worked because they were sealed in the Idaho Falls, Idaho temple. So many people were there and it was so wonderful to see family again!
We then went to the luncheon at the same church as the reception and as usual, Bridger made a mess. The food was great! Then it was home for a quick nap (for the kids, not for us unfortunately.) Then we waited for Benjamin to get done with work and he drove up to Rexburg and then back to the reception for more pictures, food, fun, and dancing! We had a great time and we were so excited to "officially" welcome Lindsey to the family! I hope they have a great time on their honeymoon and hurry back to Idaho. Daniel has an internship in Texas until August and we are hoping they will be back before Emmett's arrival!