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Friday, January 6, 2012

Early presents at Grandma's house

Since we are spending Christmas in Pocatello this year we went up to Rexburg on December 23rd to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Barney. They had a few presents for us all and we had a really great time opening them. Bridger LOVED it.

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Let it snow!

On December 21st, we got a decent sized snow storm. Bridger had been wanting to play in the snow for a really long time. I wanted to go out with him but because of Emmett I had to stay at the door. He had a blast and loved it!

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Aunt Lindsay's Birthday

Bridger's most favorite thing is birthdays! He thinks that everyone is always singing to him, and we all let him think that. His birthday is the first week of January so it will be his real turn soon enough!

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Getting ready for Christmas

We finally decided to decorate a tree this year. Last year we got ours out but it just sat on the table because Bridger kept pulling it down and we weren't here to celebrate Christmas anyway. Bridger was really upset as we dug out the boxes but once he figured out he was able to put "balls" on the tree he perked up.

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Bridger's new carseat

Bridger has always been a big kid. His previous rear facing seat only rear faced to 35 lbs and he reached that rather quickly.
He is not even two years old yet and since the AAP and NHTSA have reccomended that NO CHILD UNDER 2 should ride forward facing we decided to keep him safe and just buy a longer rear facing carseat and this is what we got (Bridger picked the color himself) and we LOVE it.
Its a Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL. It will rear face to 45lbs and forward face harnessed to 80 lbs (the longer they are harnessed the better.) Then he will need a booster later on. This seat is skinny enough to fit 3 across in a sedan.

Im so glad I was able to take the classes to become a CPST (child passenger safety technition) and am nationally certified to inspect, instruct, and install car seats. I'm happy I have taught so many people how to keep their kids safe in the car and alive in an accident.
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Time for a haircut!

Bridger has had 3 haircuts in past 11 months but it was time for a pretty drastic one. Aunt Lindsay is a cosmetologist and offered to help up out! We had to use a dum-dum as a distraction which ended up getting covered in hair BUT it worked!

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Setting up Grandma's Christmas Tree!

After Thanksgiving was done we decided to put up the Christmas Tree. Sam and his girlfriend Emily decided to do it and they were SUPER sweet and let Bridger help out. :)

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