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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Snake River is a tad too full....

We had some spare time on Friday, June 10th, so we decided that we were going to go sit on the bank of the river and feed the ducks and enjoy the wonderful afternoon, until we showed up and the place that we were going be sitting at was under water...and the Falls were not so gentle anymoe...whoops! So instead we just took some pictures and headed home.

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Big boy bed!!

On June 6th we finally decided to move Bridger to his big boy bed at 16 months old. As you can see from the first picture he was beginning to become a little escape artist and to avoid him hurting himself we decided to move him. While we were prepping his room he found some crayons and colored all over one of our containers, its a good thing it was already empty! The next few pictures are just pictures of him sleeping (who can resist sleeping babies??) and after he woke up the first time.

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Memorial Day 2011

This year for Memorial Day we were invited by the Barney's to go on a little adventure to Mesa Falls, I had never been so away we went!
We headed up to Rexburg and packed our picnic and headed out even though it was raining. We stopped at the lower falls and had our lunch then headed up to the upper falls. It was beautiful and the rain did eventually stop. On our way back we stopped at a super yummy pizzeria in Ashton and had huckleberry sodas and delicious pizzas!

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Papa Rushdi's Birthday

We went down to Pocatello on May 28th to celebrate my dads birthday with him. We had a BBQ and we just got to spend some nice time together. My dad got a Dick Van Dyke book and some Butterscotch Krimpets (HIS FAVORITE!!) and he also got a flat screen TV for his room! We tried to take a few pictures of Bridger and he really didn't want to cooperate as you can see.
Korth, who is still serving his mission in Nashville, sent my dad a lot of Tennessee shirts and some signs for his birthday. Even though he was gone it was still fun to see his handwriting and pictures throughout the house!

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