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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bridger's Easter Pics

These are a little late but here is Bridger's Easter pictures done at 15 months. All pictures were taken by Lennie Hanson of LM photography and Design. She did a fabulous job!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emma's Spring Recital

Emma's dance recital this year was May 14th, and it was such a blast. We headed down that morning and got to eat lunch at Kira's. Then off to the recital. Emma performed two different songs and did a great job. The pictures didn't turn out great but it gives you the picture. We brought her a rose and Bridger kept trying to eat it, after we insisted that it is not what you do with roses, he finally gave it up. After than we relaxed at my parents house and headed home. What a great day!

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Mother's Day

These pictures aren't the greatest but they are the only ones I have from Mother's Day. Ben and Bridger put together a flower stand for me and it turned out really cute and Bridger helped hammer and glue it together. It was fun for the both of them! I sure was spoiled that day!

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Oh the things that happen at Grammy's

You are given hamburgers, french fries, and ranch and allowed to eat how ever you like (because mommy would never allow it!!)
Sometimes people get kicked in he face and they get awesome black eyes!
And so much more-but that is the great thing about Grammy's house-you get to do so much stuff!

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