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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

On October 27th we decided to carve the pumpkins that we picked at the pumpkin patch. We had an awesome little book that had quite a few patterns and little carving tools so I decided to pick a pattern that would test my skills. I ended up picking an owl in a tree and Benjamin drew and carved Bridger's pumpkin to look like him, included his two teeth, and they turned out adorable. We even let Bridger play with the insides of the pumpkin but he wasn't too interested (probably because our pumpkins had been out in the cold.)

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bridger 9 month pictures

These pictures were taken by Jerrica Parkin and she did a fabulous job considering Bridger hadn't had a nap yet and it was late in the afternoon. So there were no big smiles but I love the pictures nonetheless.

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Pumpkin Patch

Ever since I saw some of Benjamin's cousins, Bill and Jessica, take pictures of their children at the pumpkin patch I knew I wanted to go! How awesome would it be to pick out your own pumpkins and to take Bridger along? I did a little searching and viola! There was a pumpkin patch just 3 miles down the road. I was thrilled. We were able to get a big pumpkin and one just for Bridger. I thought the pictures turned out adorable and I'm so grateful Benjamin and I were able to take Bridger.

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Matching boys!

Koree LOVES when he and Bridger have matching clothes! So on my last trip to Pocatello, we found these outfits at Costco. Since Bridger is already in 18 months and Koree is in 4T it is easy to find matching clothes. Here are a few pictures that my dad took, he is such a talented photographer, even if they are snapshots!

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Bridger has 2 teeth!

I know this is a funny picture-but he really isn't upset. I just laid him across my lap to try to get a picture of the two teeth! October 16th Benjamin was feeding Bridger his breakfast and asked if he had a tooth. I felt in the most obvious places, the bottom and top middle and there was nothing there. Benjamin swore he felt a scraping on the spoon but just let it go. While we were at Shopko that day, Bridger grabbed Ben's finger and bit it. I knew by the squeal that there HAD to be a tooth there and sure enough it was a top left fang tooth! Weird place for tooth number one but I was ecstatic, I'm not sure why, I guessed it just seemed like a big milestone. On October 22nd I was at my mom's house in Pocatello and told her I could see his top left middle tooth through the gums but it hadn't come through yet. She ran her fingernail across the tooth and proclaimed "now he has 2 teeth!" I was just as happy! So within a matter of less than a week Bridger had two teeth. They came in a weird order but nothing normal happens to us anyways :) Congrats Bridger!

Laptops anyone?

Bridger is absolutely fascinated with laptops. Most likely from everyone around him using them and everyone going nuts when he tries to "play" with one. Grandpa Barney is very nice and shares with little Bridger and he just gets a kick out of it. I believe a new Mac boy has been born.

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Sporting a new outfit

My friend got this outfit for her little boy at her baby shower and I feel in love! I immediately went to ShopKo and bought it and had to wait about 6 months before he could use it! Here are just a few cute pictures of my little man sporting his new outfit!

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The birdies are getting so big!

My mom has a breeding pair of Green Pacific Parrotlets and they laid 7 eggs, 3 of which hatched, and one died very young. The two that are left are named Bobbles and Gidget and they are simply adorable. They are three weeks old now and finally have most of their adult feathers. I will wrangle some pictures from when they were hatchlings but for now these are the pictures I have.

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There is hair under that helmet!

Its been over a month since Bridger first got his helmet and he has made great improvement. He initial diagnosis was 16mm (the goal is 0, that means a round head) and after a month he was down to a 7! Hopefully only one more month to go. Since I don't see his hair all that often I was just astounded to see how much is actually there and the back is curling!

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I think its time to say goodbye to the swing

I bought this swing when I was still pregnant and I just fell in love. It had turtles to match his room and the seat came off to be a rocking chair until he was older-so I was sold. The only problems I didn't realize were that a little baby cant be in the swing because it doesn't have any sides and well, it just doesn't work. He wasn't able to be in it until he was 3 or 4 months old. Secondly, I have quite the big baby so he outgrew the swing before average kids. He now sits all the way forward and just about falls out and he would prefer to be pushed in the swing (like a swing at the park) rather than letting the batteries do it.
So hopefully he will still use the seat but I think its time to pack away the swing frame. The picture at the bottom is just for fun, that is when he was first able to use it. :)

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